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Compound crossbow Skorpion XBC420 200 lbs 405 FPS

Compound crossbow Skorpion XBC420 200 lbs 405 FPS

This Skorpion XBC420 compound crossbow is capable of shooting arrows at speeds of up to 405 FPS thanks to its 200 lbs of power, ideal for big game hunting in licensed countries.
Available in two colors: Black or Camouflage

HAT-XBC420 - Skorpion, 1089

In stock

In stock


Skorpion XBC420 Compound Crossbow

This powerful compound crossbow can be used for both hunting (in authorized countries) and target shooting, with fearsome accuracy up to 80-90 meters.

The Skorpion XBC420 crossbow is a high-performance model, offering 200 lbs of power and an impressive speed of 405 FPS.

It is available in black or camouflage colors, adapting to different hunting environments.

Comes complete with all accessories for immediate use, including 4 x 20" carbon arrows, string wax, 4x32 optics, strap, quiver and handgun.

This crossbow is compatible with ManKung XB58 parts and accessories.

  • Power: 200 lbs
  • Power stroke: 14.5 inches
  • Arrow speed: 405 FPS
  • Crossbow length: 98.5 cm
  • Weight: 3,54 Kg
  • Color: Black or Camouflage
  • Accessories included: 4 x 20" carbon arrows, string wax, 4x32 optic, strap, quiver, manual cocker.
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Speed (FPS)
Branch type
Compound (with pulleys)

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