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Long sling
Long sling
Long sling
Long sling

Long sling

This large sling will allow you to shoot projectiles at high speed and particularly at a great distance with this model, be careful because it is not a toy!

HAT-Frondelongue - Hattila, 639

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Long sling

This model is suitable for long range shooting.

A small loop is drawn from a side (also called loop or finger loop). You place it at your convenience on the index or middle finger. It prevents the slingshot from flying out of control after casting.

The basket holds the projectile, holds it in place during the rotation and opens with the release of the sling to throw it away. You keep the loop attached around your finger, you release only the other end.

Handling the sling:
The handling of the sling is very varied (on the side, diagonally, in height, etc.). There are a variety of techniques that can be practiced with a slingshot. Basically, everyone has to decide which technique they prefer. All techniques are based on the features described above.

Usage tips:
1) You stand on the side of the finish, about the width of the shoulders.
2) The object to be thrown must be firmly held in the basket, the noose is attached to the index finger or middle finger and the other end is held between the thumb and the fingers.
3) You run at full speed (above, to the side, diagonally ... as you want)
4) You can let go of the knot at the right moment, so that the object to launch is released from the basket and flies in the direction of the target.

Technical data: 110 x 23 x 6 cm
Maximum weight of objects to throw: 150 grams
Size to throw objects:
- the size of a squash ball is optimal
- the size of a tennis ball at the MAXIMUM

Made in Germany

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