Slingshot Primo Blue with wrist rest Expand

Slingshot Primo Blue with wrist rest


Hattila, 621


This slingshot Blue is very light thanks to its metal structure and its plastic body, so it is solid and light at the same time. Its wrist rest improves the maintenance and aiming.

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Primo Blue Slingshot with Wrist Rest

This slingshot (also called ball-thrower) is very solid thanks to its metal structure (both the colored part and the black part).
Its wrist rest improves stability when shooting and you will hold it better.

The difference between the slingshot primo and the primo one is exclusively on the design of the wrist rest, right on the Primo One and cranked on the Primo.

The handles are made of black plastic.

Made in Italy.

Material: Plastic and metal
Blue color
Dimensions: 25.5 x 15 x 11.5 cm
Weight: 350 g

Also available in: Yellow - Green - Red


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