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Mini crossbow 50 lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs
Crossbows 50lbs

Mini crossbow 50 lbs

Get yourself this crossbow pistol with a power of 50 lbs. Thanks to its great lightness (0.8 pound), this recreational crossbo is specially designed for target games. Handy for one hand and ambidextrous, it allows you a good agility.

HAT-3000 - Mankung, 36

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Pocket crossbow for target shooting: perfect to follow you in your leisure activities!

Equipped with a metal bow and a plastic body, this 50 lbs pocket crossbow is light and handy. It is the ideal model for practicing various activities (discovery, beginner's grip, target shooting activity, etc.).

Moreover, with its small size, it is easily transportable.

The technical characteristics of the 50 lbs crossbow pistol:

  • Power: 50 lbs
  • Bolts’ speed: 102.5 m/h or 150 fps
  • Recommended bolts: 6.5 inches plastic (5 included) part number HAT-512
  • Weight: 0.8 pound
  • Length: 12,5 inches
  • Width: 17,1 inches
  • Length of string: 17,3 inches
  • Bow: metal
  • Handle: plastic
  • Body: plastic

How to use this mini leisure crossbow?

  • Place the string of the crossbow in the trigger so that it locks automatically.
  • Thread the bolts by positioning the wings flat on the rail.
  • Aim at your target.
  • Remove the safety with your thumb.
  • Shoot!

WARNING: When using this crossbow, before shooting, you must push the metal draw string forward, otherwise the rope will propel the draw string and you will damage your weapon.

Our recommendations for the mini crossbow:

Do not fire into trees or into targets that are too thin and can be passed through.

This recreational crossbow comes with five bolts, but additional sets of crossbow bolts are easily available at Hattila.com. Contact us now for more information.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs WARNING: ARBALETS ARE NOT TOYS.
Their sale is forbidden to minors, and you risk a fine (or even worse) if you carry it mounted in a public place. Be sure to keep children and animals away and shoot in a place that won't hurt anyone if you miss your target.

Hattila disclaims all responsibility for the use of this product, being classified as over 18 years old according to the new classification (Decree No. 2013-700 of July 30, 2013 - weapons category D,2°,h); it must be transported in its packaging and properly closed.

For safe shooting practice, we recommend that you wear protective clothing, but also that you respect safety practices. Wearing any item that looks like a weapon, even if it does not have the function, is strictly forbidden in public.

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Reviews about this product

Based on 72 reviews

  • Ludovic d.
    Published 18/12/2023 à 12:42 (Order date: 05/12/2023)

    Bof, moyennement précis, mais rapport qualité prix honnète

  • Adrien B.
    Published 15/12/2023 à 12:36 (Order date: 05/12/2023)

    Super je recommande

  • Frederic P.
    Published 23/11/2023 à 14:35 (Order date: 12/11/2023)

    Un peu dur mais ça va

  • Kelly V.
    Published 19/11/2023 à 19:09 (Order date: 08/11/2023)

    Rapport qualité prix excellente Acheté pour débutant, montage facile, utilisation simple

  • Nicolas K.
    Published 13/11/2023 à 10:26 (Order date: 02/11/2023)

    Très bien, un petit jouet sympa.

  • PEDRO F.
    Published 18/06/2023 à 23:43 (Order date: 07/06/2023)

    Muy contento con el producto y el trato recibido. Muchas gracias

  • Nina T.
    Published 18/12/2022 à 00:16 (Order date: 06/12/2022)


  • Ronan g.
    Published 29/11/2022 à 09:24 (Order date: 17/11/2022)

    pas encore testé ! Mais à l'air parfaitement conforme à la description du site

  • Camille G.
    Published 17/06/2022 à 00:32 (Order date: 05/06/2022)

    Très bon produit , arbalète puissante . Juste un peu de difficulté quand il faut tendre la corde pour la première fois.

  • Jonas R.
    Published 09/06/2022 à 16:13 (Order date: 27/05/2022)

    I've been ordering with Hattila for 2 years now and have shipped to my country with ease and no problem at all. They have been the best so far when it comes to customer service and overall provider of Archery and Crossbow equipment. Kudos to the team.

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