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Steambow Onyx
Steambow Onyx
Steambow Onyx
Steambow Onyx
Steambow Onyx
Steambow Onyx

Steambow Onyx

Opt for this great value model with this very special air loaded model! No more effort is needed to cock this very powerful crossbow.

HAT-SteambowOnyx - Steambow, 782

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Steambow Onyx - Pneumatic cocking

The Austrian manufacturer Steambow is the inventor of this pneumatic cocking technology. They developed this technology on Excalibur crossbows but then decided to make their own crossbow model, the Onyx was born! 

The first advantage of having a model made by them is that you have just as easy access to spare parts as with Excalibur. 

The second advantage is that it is very reliable, it is the result of many years of experience and therefore it is the best product that the Steambow brand could give. 

To load the bottle you have two possibilities, find a manual high pressure pump or a high pressure compressor (a classic garage compressor will not be enough). 

It is good to know that you can replace the stocks with another model thanks to the standardized AR-15 system.

You can also fold down the limbs in a few seconds thanks to the pins of the patented mechanism.

Disarming the crossbow is child's play, this crossbow was designed to be the easiest to use.

Characteristics of the Steambow Onyx:

  • Arrow speed: 330 fps (362km/h)
  • Draw weight: 225 lbs
  • Total weight : 3.4 Kg
  • Length: 72.4 to 80 cm

Contents of the package delivered with the Steambow Onyx crossbow :

  • The Onyx Crossbow
  • 3 x arrows
  • 1 x bottle of high pressure CO2
  • 1 x quiver
  • 3 x arrows
Power (lbs)
Speed (FPS)

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